Qatar Law on Employment of Women

Posted on December 8th, 2014

Qatari women have made significant advancements in social and professional spheres. As a result more and more women are excelling in the jobs arena. The Qatar government has displayed their support for the development of women by introducing well-defined labor laws. These laws are geared towards helping women employees recognize their rights and protect themselves against possible exploitation at work. Part 9 of the Qatar Labor Law document defines these laws.

Law for protection of wages of women employees

Qatar’s women employees are protected by Article 93 of the Labor law, which ensures they are not subjected to gender inequality in the workplace. The law states that women working at a similar professional level as men and sharing the same responsibilities at the workplace will be paid the same wages and provided the same training and promotions to reach the next level.

Law for ensuring workplace security

Women employees are protected against being compelled to undertake morally or physically hazardous activities as part of their scope of work (article 94).

Law for maternity benefits

All women employees who have been associated with an organization for over a year are entitled to a maternity leave extending for duration of 50 days. This leave will include the pre and post-delivery periods with a minimum of 35 days to be allocated for the post delivery period. If the number of days remaining for the post delivery period falls short of the 30 days, then the employee is granted the additional days from her annual leave.

Women employees, however, will have to submit a medical certificate which states the expected date of delivery and which is issued by a registered physician.

The law also includes provision for the employee to be sufficiently safeguarded in terms of maternity benefits. If for genuine health reasons, the employee is unable to join work after her leave period expires, she is entitled to extending it for another 60 consecutive or intermittent days. These leaves, however, will not be considered as unpaid leave and have to be substantiated with a medical certificate from a registered physician.

The law also ensures that a woman employee’s maternity leaves are completely independent of her eligibility of the other leaves.

Law for enforcing rights of a nursing woman

Women employees will also be made eligible for a paid nursing interval of a minimum of one hour per day at the convenience of the employee. This leave is granted for a period of one year following the delivery.

Law for ensuring job security

Qatar’s labor laws for women employees assure them with full job security. The law ensures that services of employees cannot be terminated for reasons like marriage or childbirth. Moreover, any notifications of possible termination will not be considered valid if sent during the period of maternity leave.

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